Our Inventory

Consolidated Aircraft Supply Co., Inc. originally established a substantial parts inventory to support its thriving overhaul shop. Inventory in stock is available for exchange, loan, or direct sale (see Services and Capabilities). Proper traceability and good turnover are the foundation for the quality product we deliver. Much of our large inventory is often ready for immediate shipment. If not, we can expedite your request. 

Fulfilling parts sales and other customer requests is the top priority of our staff. If you need special assistance, please submit an inquiry or call us toll-free at 1-800-422-6300. After you contact us one of our representatives will be in touch within one (1) business day.

Find a Part in Inventory or Capability

We offer various ways to find a part in inventory or capability and send an RFQ:

  • Inventory Search: To find a part in inventory please click the "Inventory Search" button below. You’ll be able to search our inventory for free.

  • Capability Search: To find a part in capability please fill out the form accessible from the "Capability Search" button.

  • Parts Databases: We are listed with the major parts databases — ILS, PartsBase.com, PartsLogistics.com, AvParts, AirParts.com, and Locatory

Sample part numbers parts in inventory and/or capability include:

  • 976J498-2

  • 501-1228-04

  • 568126713005

  • 8260-123

  • 40195-01

  • 30086-011

  • 10-1327-1

  • 3289562-5

  • 5416744

  • 32896302

Interested in working in the stock room? We offer summer positions.